Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mandy's February Photos

He's a pretty famous bear. We weren't limiting this to people, were we? ;)

 Shoe pics are rough. I can't decide if I hate it more because you want people to get phased off of your shoes or because it's the closest thing you can take of yourself that isn't a cliche "self-in-mirror" pic.

"Road Trip"
I like a little adventure, even if that includes sitting in the middle of the beeline highway on a beautiful spring day. Love those rolling roads.

Found this beat up little gem on a private property in the desert. Let's just say I rolled down the window to my car, snapped a quick pic, and high-tailed it out of there. I didn't know what kind of weirdos were lingering.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rachael's February Photos

                                             "Bret Michaels"                                            

Road Trip


No cliche... I am a walking cliche.

Whit's February Photos

This month I finally broke down and dropped some major coin ($4) on the full version of the Vignette app on my phone. To celebrate, I decided to take all of my photos on my phone this month. No editing (besides what Vignette does automatically of course).

Roadtrip: an exciting trip to Maricopa

Vintage: a few random items around the house.

Cliche: the utlimate skeezy myspace photo. Feast your eyes on this!

Celebrity: I'm not going to bother posting these. I took a photo of a Justin Bieber poster and a Kim Kardashian poster at Walmart. You're welcome.

Friday, March 4, 2011

February Photos: By Myke

Road Trip

Despite having spent numerous nights a week at my friend Ben's for the past few months, I only noticed this sign in front of his house for the first time a few weeks ago, moments before embarking on a road trip. I did a little editing in Photoshop.

per alia porci
"per alia porci"

John Steinbeck's birthday cake. Made by me.


I took this with a vintage-ish camera (Olympus OM-2 SLR). That counts, right?

loose seal!
"loose seal!"

I'd say most of my shots are cliché so it doesn't matter what I use on this one. I took this while whale watching in San Diego. I love how the color and shading of the water turned out, so much that I'd like to Photoshop out the seals. (Also taken with Olympus OM-2 SLR.)